Dubai Real Estate Investment}

Dubai real estate investment



Following my last article Tips for tenants, in this issue I would like to cover some interesting guidelines for those Dubai landlords adventuring into the Short-Term Rental business.

It is a very common and old practice, especially in the Italian, Spanish or French Riviera to rent out a personal property as a holiday-home to tourists. The short-term rental business has proven pretty successful in those countries with strong tourism affluence and since Dubai is working on becoming an international holiday destination, it is interesting to consider this investment opportunity.

By renting out a property on short-term basis a landlord has the chance to use the property for his/her own personal use, generate a high return of investment by letting it out to holidaymakers and at the same time benefit from the property value appreciation.

The short-term rental concept could be applied anywhere in the world but the real key to its success lays in its implementation within the local market in fact any successful business idea can be brought to Dubai and prove a complete disaster, the concept by itself is nothing new and certainly not invented in Dubai so the actual heart of the business is not much in the idea as it is in its execution.

Having the idea and the product (the property) is just about 10% of the business, what really matters is the marketing which I would value at 70% and the actual daily running which could be valued at 20%

Setting up an apartment for the short-term rental requires experience, interior designing skills, attention to details and plenty of time and resources to follow up the actual furnishing process, utilities connections, daily running and marketing.

Some details are extremely important and if overlooked, will compromise the stay of your guests hence it is essential to set up the property with the guests needs in mind rather than following a questionable personal taste.

One detail that is consistently overlooked is the actual efficiency of the bedrooms curtains, which in the majority of the cases do not block the windows light properly, this is usually due to lack of experience or to good bargain ready-made curtains resulting in a horrible 6 am daily wake up call for your guests.

Another important aspect to acknowledge is the considerable investment to be made in purchasing the bathrooms face and body towels, it is in fact necessary to provide a high number of these so to allow a twice weekly replenishment and the same goes for bed sheets, quilt covers, pillow cases etc

In most cases the do it yourself schemes work pretty well when you do have experience, knowledge and passion about what you are engaging with, other wise it will simply result in complete frustration to say the least.

Without considering the daily management issues and the inevitable guests complaints even the twice-weekly house keeping service is a far more demanding task then what it seems

A reasonable solution to this, especially if you are handling more then one property, is to refer the entire marketing and management to a professional agent who for a fee (usually 20% of the rental) will take the weight off your shoulders with a smile.

In the current market a 5 stars marina-view one bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina Face 1 (where all the cafs and restaurants are) will rent for approx AED 95.000/- per year if unfurnished, the same property can fetch up to a AED 235.000/- a year if rented out furnished on short-term basis and after deducting the 20% agency commission plus about AED 40.000/- for the 5 stars furnishing and approx AED 8.000/- a year for the utility bills, this will live the owner with a net AED 142.000/- (on occupancy rate of 79%)

The numbers speak for themselves however is important to remember that where there is a good return there is also a certain risk and many will agree that the most delicate figure of the above calculation is the occupancy rate which cannot be guaranteed in any property short-term rental management contract.

Keeping the above consideration in mind, would you wish to engage an agent for your short-term rental requirements, it would be wise to commit for an initial trial period of maximum six months, this period shall allow you to gather enough details and should give you a good idea about the reliability and actual potential of the agent/marketer you are dealing with.

Would you rather get more hands-on with the business, you could opt for a non-exclusive marketing agreement, also available in the market and you will be able to market your property through other agent/marketers and potentially increase your exposure however this is not necessarily the optimum solution in fact many agents will give priority to the properties of those clients with whom they have contractually committed with.

Alessandro Dubaldo is the managing director at Dubaifurnishedapartments offering the lowest rates for the

Oasis Beach Tower

and many other

dubai hotel apartments


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News briefs:April 23, 2010

News briefs:April 23, 2010
 Correction — August 24, 2015 These briefs incorrectly describe BP as ‘British Petroleum’. In fact, such a company has not existed for many years as BP dropped this name when becoming a multinational company. The initials no longer stand for anything. 
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News briefs:August 8, 2005

News briefs:August 8, 2005

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  • 1 Robin Cook dead after collapsing
  • 2 Russian submarine rescued by Royal Navy
  • 3 America’s atomic bombing commemoration held in Hiroshima
  • 4 Larson B ice-shelf collapse reveals exotic organisms isolated for 10,000 years
  • 5 ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies at 67
  • 6 Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114 landing postponed for weather
  • 7 Netanyahu quits over Israel’s pullout plan
  • 8 Wikipedia Current Events


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UK woman convicted of ‘mercy’ murder of son

UK woman convicted of ‘mercy’ murder of son

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A woman has been convicted of murder after killing her son in an “act of mercy”. The Old Bailey, a London court, heard that Frances Inglis, 57, injected Tom, 22, with heroin and gave her a life sentence.

Tom had been injured in a street fight in July 2007 and was put in an ambulance depite his desire not to be hospitalised. The ambulance door was opened three times; the third time Tom jumped out and sustained injuries that left him in a coma. He became mute and dependant on 24-hour care. His only method of communication was to squeeze a hand.

Frances was told that if she wanted Tom to die legally then she could ask the High Court to allow his food and water to be withdrawn, so that he would starve to death. Frances told the court “I know Tom – no way would he have wanted to live totally dependent. I can remember saying I felt I would rather he go to heaven than to hell on earth. I know Tom would not want to live. He had lost his life.”

“I couldn’t bear the thought of Tom dying of thirst or hunger,” she said of the idea of food and water withdrawal. “To me that would be so cruel, so cruel. To die slowly like that would be horrible.” Instead she used the Internet to research Tom’s condition and concluded that a heroin overdose would be the most painless method available. A learning disabilities worker with no convictions, she concluded two grams was sufficient to kill and began spending time in areas she believed drugs were on sale – outside the local station, job centre and needle exchanges.

Frances was determined to release Tom from his “living hell” and said she had “no choice” in the matter. “I asked myself what I would want,” she said. “I would want someone to love me enough to help me die. That’s why I thought heroin – a painless, peaceful death.” She obtained her two grams and stole syringes from Tom’s hospital before injecting him, but he was revived by nurses and she was charged with attempted murder. She was bailed but barred from contacting her son.

Fourteen months later she obtained access to Tom by posing as his aunt and placed superglue in the lock of his door, further barricading it with an oxygen cylinder and a wheelchair. It took staff thirty minutes to break in, by which time Frances had injected one of Tom’s arms and both his thighs with heroin. This time he died.

Frances had left a letter to her family in which she talked of her concerns for her other two sons and dog, as well as the running of the house, expecting a murder arrest. On one bed she left a photograph of Tom as well as a prayer written by his girlfriend. Police also found older letter by Frances, one of which read “People keep saying Tom is not suffering. How can they know how he feels?”

She was asked if guilty of murder and attempted murder, to which she responded “I don’t see it as killing or murder. The definition of murder is to take someone’s life with malice in your heart. I did it with love in my heart, for Tom, so I don’t see it as murder. I knew what I was doing was against the law. I don’t know what name they would call it but I knew that the law would say it was wrong. I believed it would have been Tom’s choice to have been allowed to die rather than have the intervention to keep him alive.”

The jury “could not have had a more difficult case,” according to Judge Brian Barker, but he told them nobody was allowed to override the law. Ten members of the jury agreed, but two sided with Frances, leaving a conviction by majority verdict. The jury foreman was greeted by cries of “shame on you” from France’s relatives, for which they were ejected from the building. “We can all understand the emotion and the unhappiness that you were experiencing,” Barker told Frances, later adding “You knew you were breaking society’s conventions, you knew you were breaking the law, and you knew the consequences.” He ordered her to serve a minimum of nine years.

Should the law be changed?
Add or view comments

“What this case and a number of others have exposed,” said France’s eldest son, Alex, “is a need for a complete rethink of existing laws in regard to people that have been, and will be, in the same position as Tom. How can it be legal to withhold food and water, which means a slow and painful death, yet illegal to end all suffering in a quick, calm and loving way? It’s cruel, inhumane and illogical… We have a duty of care to them and we should not allow this situation to continue. It should not be left to a wife, husband, mother, father, sister or brother to have to end their suffering, and be convicted for murder.” Detective Chief Inspector Steve Collin, who was in charge of the case, flatly disagreed. “There’s no such thing as a mercy killing in law.”

“I want to say that all of the family and Tom’s girlfriend support my mum 100%. All those who loved and were close to Tom have never seen this as murder, but as a loving and courageous act,” said Alex.

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How To Buy Affordable Housing In India.}

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Submitted by: Signature Global

In the last few years, growing urban population and shortage of housing has shot up the demand for affordable housing in India. This demand led to the launch of Housing for All by 2022 Mission for urban housing. The Budget 2017 has accelerated this ambitious mission by bringing affordable housing under the infrastructure category, allowing developers to access cheap financing, and by offering incentives to homebuyers.

If youve always dreamed of buying a house for yourself, this is the best time to plan for it. Signature Global a leading player in the real estate sector is all geared up to support the governments plans toward affordable housing. The company has launched several affordable housing projects in the millennium city of Gurugram.

To apply for Signature Globals housing projects

1. Go on to and click on Apply Online at the top of the home page.

2. You will find two upcoming housing projects The Serenas (Sector 36, South of Gurugram) and The Roselia(Sector 95A, Gurugram). Wrapped in lush greenery yet in proximity of high-rise residential and commercial projects, both Serenas and Roselia are well-connected to major locations in the city.

3. Choose the housing project for which you wish to apply and click on Fill Application Form. You will be navigated to a new page and will be required to fill out basic applicant information and select the type of housing unit you want based on the carpet area. Once you select the type of housing unit, the total booking amount (5% of the house cost plus Rs. 1000/- for application form) will be displayed on the screen. Signature Global accepts payments in cheque/demand draft/ bankers cheque/ NEFT/RTGS. At this stage, you also have the option of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Finance whereby you can get the Booking Application financed by EMD finance companies. For this purpose, you can choose Signature Global Capital one of Signature Globals EMD finance partners.

4. As per Haryana Affordable Housing policy, Signature Global will allot flats to applicants based on a draw. The draw will be carried out within the completion of three months from the date of closing of applications.

5. As soon as the date for the draw gets decided, advertisements shall be published in newspapers by Signature Global concerning the particulars about date, time and venue of the draw.

6. If you receive a successful allotment, you would be required to deposit the next installment of 20% of the total cost of the house within a period of 15 days from the date of allotment. Additionally, if you had paid for the booking amount through EMD financing, then you shall immediately repay the loan amount within 15 days of the draw.

At this stage, you could also get a home loan from your bank, and if youre eligible for the PradhanMantriAwasYojna (PMAY) scheme, you can avail subsidy on home loan interest rate

Home loans up to 6 lakhs 6.5 % subsidy on rate of interest

Home loans up to 9 lakhs 4% subsidy on rate of interest

Home loans up to 12 lakhs 3% subsidy on rate of interest

7. In case of non-allotment, Signature Global will return the booking amount to you through cheque delivered to your correspondence address.

8. The remaining 75% of the apartment cost will be paid in regular installments before the completion of the house.

9. The completed house will be delivered within four years from the date of the draw.

Signature Globals latest projects under the Haryana Affordable Housing in Gurgaon include over 2,000 housing units in Serenas(Apply Online) in Sector 36 and in Roselia (Apply Online)in Sector 95A.

About the Author: I’m a real estate writer at Signature Global. My passion is helping people to provide all aspects of real estate marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage. In addition, I also work as an SEO Analyst at Signature Global helping businesses with search and content marketing.


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Simon’s Rock College tests Alan Turing theories with ‘Imitation Game’ experiment

Simon’s Rock College tests Alan Turing theories with ‘Imitation Game’ experiment

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005



On Saturday April 16, students at Simon’s Rock College in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and Dr. Richard Wallace of the A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation for their first time tested Alan Turing’s thought-experiment. The Imitation Game, based on the original Turing model for testing the ability of humans to recognize artificial intelligence (AI), was carried out with nearly eighty human and AI participants.

The ‘Original Imitation Game’ is described in Turing’s 1950 paper. A popularized version now dubbed the “Turing Test” involves a judge knowingly interviewing a software program and a human person during a computer chat, and then trying to discern which is which. The Turing Test has been conducted many times as Artificial Intelligence programs developed. However, no study was ever published following the guidelines of the original thought-experiment itself.

The Imitation Game involved playing a “gender guessing game”, wherein two human subjects, a male and a female, communicate via computer chat to the judge. Both the male and the female would try to convince the judge that s/he is female. Turing’s original question was, if a gender guessing game were done with two humans, and then with an AI replacing the male, would the judge be more accurate in guessing who the real female was?

Three students at Simon’s Rock — Cameo Wood, Melissa Leventhal, and Allyson Sgro — wrote a grant to support the experiment, and shepherded the proposal through the Human Research Review Committee under the oversight of Professor Anne O’Dwyer. The experiment was funded by the departments of Natural Science and the department of Social Science at the college.

The experiment utilized a program called A.L.I.C.E., which is designed to hold one end of an interactive conversation. The program was provided by the ALICE Artificial Intelligence Foundation. Dr. Richard Wallace was on hand during the experiment to troubleshoot the AI robot, later gave a lecture about on The Anatomy of A.L.I.C.E. and blogged the event.

Six human subjects from Simon’s Rock composed the human players in the game; the judges were recruited from various non-technical internet communities. Roughly eighty individuals participated in the experiment, which required the organizers to maintain strict secrecy about the experiment until it was concluded. All subjects who participated in the experiment were required to be over 18, not affiliated with the college, and were not allowed any foreknowledge of the use of AI in the experiment. Roughly 70 interviews were conducted over a three hour period last Saturday, via AOL’s Instant Messenger, a messaging tool that allows individuals to write to one another online.

The research team at Simon’s Rock has started to analyze the data they acquired during the experiment and will be writing a paper for publication in the coming months. Inquiries regarding the experiment may be directed to

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Man auctions his life on eBay, is disappointed at sale price

Man auctions his life on eBay, is disappointed at sale price

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Monday, June 30, 2008

After auctioning off his entire life on eBay for A$399,300 (244 912.148) Ian Usher says he is “a little bit disappointed” at the final selling price.

The 44-year-old British immigrant living in Perth, Australia, put all of his worldly belongings up for sale on the popular auction website, including his three-bedroom house and all its contents, his car, motorcycle, jetski, skydiving gear, and his job at a rug store, for which he offered a two week trial period. He even offered introductions to his friends living in Perth.

Usher made the decision to sell his life after his five-year marriage suddenly ended. On his website,, he explains that “despite my life being busy and fulfilled, I still miss my wife so much. Everything in my home is a reminder of the wonderful past we shared. So, after a year in this house I decided that it is time to sell it and move on.”

It was as much about moving on as it was about selling it for as much as I could get.

During the 7 day auction, which ended on Sunday, there were several bogus bids which brought the sale price as high as A$2.2 million, but the final price ended up at A$399,300, which was around A$100,000 less than Usher had hoped for. “I’m a little bit disappointed, but I’m still excited. It’s still enough to move forward and do what I said I was going to do, which is move on to the next part of my life,” Usher said. “It was as much about moving on as it was about selling it for as much as I could get.”

According to Reuters, the winning bidder, whose username is “mslmcc”, also lives in Australia, and has a 100 percent feedback rating. Usher says he hasn’t yet been able to figure out who the buyer is, because of the TV crews lined up in front of his home. “I’m trying to find some time to get on the computer and check it out … I haven’t looked (up) anything about them yet,” he said.

Usher now plans to go off in search of a new life. His initial plan, as he describes on his website, was to just walk out his front door with just his wallet and a passport and board a train, with no idea of where to go. He has since launched, which will document his attempt to complete 100 of his life goals in a span of 100 weeks. Some of these goals include getting a pilot’s license, climbing the Eiffel Tower, learning to play the didgeridoo, and shaking hands with billionaire Richard Branson.

“I was pretty aimless when I started this, and I had a vague notion of adventure, but I’ve come up with a much more solid plan, which is still very adventurous,” Usher says. He invites anyone who is interested to join him on his adventures.

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US to reduce troops in Iraq by 5,000 in December

US to reduce troops in Iraq by 5,000 in December

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

According to the United States military in Iraq, at least 5,000 U.S. soldiers are going to be withdrawn from the country.

The 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division of the U.S. Army are stationed in Iraq’s Diyala Province. When they finish their withdrawal in December, they will not be replaced by another division.

The military indicated the withdrawal is possible due to improved security in the country. If security improves further, as many as 20,000 troops could be on their way back to the U.S. by July 2008.

“The redeployment without replacement reflects overall improved security within Iraq. If conditions continue to permit, a total of five brigade combat teams will be redeployed over the next eight months,” said U.S. military in Iraq spokesman, Rear Admiral Gregory Smith.

Smith also mentioned that four more army brigades and two marine battalions would leave Iraq before July 2008, restoring pre-surge levels of 130,000 troops. There are nearly 163,000 U.S. troops serving currently in Iraq.

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Sealed Blowers For Sulfur Recovery}

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More Detail Here:

Submitted by: Susana Terlitsky

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S is a main source of sulfur. In high concentrations it can be lethal. It occurs in natural gas, oil, volcanic emissions, and some mineral springs. In oil rfining processes its presence is undesirable, and it must be removed. The Clause process is one of the methods used to remove the hydrogene sulphide, and while doing so, recover elementar sulfur.

Buffalo Blower Co. makes offers gas-tight and zero leakage steam-jacketed blowers for Sulfur Recovery in Cemical Industry.

In pactice this sulfur removal process requires a gas-tight, zero leakage, high temperature and high pressure blower for intermittent duty that must handle toxic gases and must be capable of being brought on line immediately upon demand. To do this the following features on the blower must be provided:

– Double welded casing construction;

– Steam flows between the housing walls to maintain a constant 285 F gas temperature inside the fan (because below 285 F sulfur will change from a gaseous to a solid state and will “freeze” to the blower surfaces causing damage or destruction);

– A mechanical shaft seal with heat tracing and purge by air or nitrogen;

– To assure tight tolerances between the shaft and shaft seal, the housing should be supported at the centerline, and grows concentric to the fan shaft when exposed to heat.: since this support isolates housing from the drive and mounting bases, housing thermal growth doesn’t cause forces to be applied to these bases.

– To prevent the shaft from taking a permanent set when the blower is idle but still exposed to the high temperature, a turning gear is provided to keep the blower rotating at a very slow speed of 25 – 40 RPM; alternatively a VFD speed control can be used

Steam jacketed construction can also be used in other thermally critical chemical processes. As to air-tifgt and zero-emission construction, it is used in the following industries:

YouTube Preview Image

* Pollution Control

* Pulp and Paper Industry

* Printing and Converting

* Chemical Plants

* Power Generation

* Research and Development

* Petroleum

* Food Processing

* Paint and Ink Industries

for containment of hazardous organic and inorganic compounds in industrial process plants and other critical applications. Special construction and shaft sealing devices are available for blower service requiring zero or minimal gas leakage into and out of casing.

Buffalo Blower Co. has a lot of experince with gas-tight and zero-leakage construction on fans and blowers, including: multistage lip shaft seals; Buna-N, Viton and Teflon seals; mechanical shaft seals; special fan housing gasketings; single and double carbon ring seals; hermetically sealed blowers; magnetofluidic and ferrofluidic seals; and packed stuffing boxes with barrier liquids and purgeable seals.

Specific code welding processes and special fan design features are used too – to ensure complete gas tight integrity.

Some special materials and alloys frequently used in gas tight fans, especially for service in hazardous, abrasive, corrosive and high temperature environments, include:

Corten, ASTM A36 Carbon Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Stainless Steels of different kinds, Titanium, Monel, Aluminum, Teflon, Rubber LIning. These materials are typical for industrial applications requiring high strength alloys and super alloys too.

Buffalo Blower Co. is a world wide distributor of industrial process ans OEM fans and blowers, as well as fan components; including high pressure blowers, high temperature fans, spark resistant and explosion proof ventilators, tubeaxial and vaneaxial high pressure ventilators. Buffalo Blower Co. also does existing fans and blowers repairs, re-build, as well as dynamical wheels balancing.

For additional information please refer to

Susana Terlitsky

Industrial Ventilation Specialist

Buffalo Blower Co.

About the Author: Susana Terlitsky Industrial Ventilation Specialist Buffalo Blower Co.


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2007 European football friendly match: England vs. Germany

2007 European football friendly match: England vs. Germany

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007London, England

England 1 2 Germany
Match Stats
Attendance 86,133
Goalscorers for England Lampard (9′)
Goalscorers for Germany Kuranyi (26′) and Pander (40′)
Bookings (England) J. Cole (Yellow (1))
Bookings (Germany) None

Germany came from behind to defeat England at new Wembley Stadium in a friendly match.

Frank Lampard opened the scoring in the 9th minute to give himself his first international goal in 12 months.

Schalke‘s Kevin Kuranyi scored Germany’s equaliser with what the media is labeling as a “miserable mistake” by Tottenham Hotspurs‘ Goalkeeper Paul Robinson in the 26th minute. Christian Pander, in his first appearance for Germany, scored the winner in the 40th minute with a 25 yard shot.

The German fans shouted in English There’s only one team at Wembley! to taunt the home fans.


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    • 1.2 Euro 2008 qualifiers
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